A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Order Types on CVEX

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4 min readMar 25, 2024

Navigating the diverse landscape of decentralised trading demands a deep understanding of the order types at your disposal. CVEX stands out as a platform that equips traders with various order options, enabling efficient market navigation. This detailed guide sheds light on crucial order types and how they can amplify your trading efficacy on CVEX.

Market and Limit Orders

Market Orders are pivotal for traders who prioritise quick execution over price precision. Executed at the prevailing market price, these orders offer the advantage of speed. However, traders must be cautious of possible price slippage, especially in volatile market conditions, which can affect the final execution price.

Limit Orders introduce a layer of price control, allowing traders to specify the price at which they wish to buy or sell an asset. This order type is essential for traders who seek price certainty and are willing to wait for the market to match their specified price. While limit orders ensure that you don’t pay more (or sell for less) than your desired price, execution is not guaranteed if the market price does not reach the price set by the trader.

The Intricacies of Futures and Options

Exploring futures and perpetual markets on CVEX, traders can take long or short positions, betting on both the rise and fall of asset prices. It’s important to note that simultaneous long and short positions on the same contract nullify each other due to their opposing nature.

The options market further diversifies trading strategies. Traders can buy or sell Call and Put contracts with predefined strike prices. Margin trading in options allows traders to enter into positions without paying the full premium upfront, distinguishing CVEX from traditional centralised and decentralised exchanges by providing a broader range of trading strategies.

Expanding on Time-in-Force (TIF) Settings

Good ’til Cancel (GTC) orders remain active until they are fully executed or explicitly canceled by the trader. This setting is perfect for traders who are not under immediate pressure to execute and prefer to wait for the market to reach a specific price.

Immediate or Cancel (IOC) orders emphasise the need for swift execution. These orders aim for immediate fulfillment; any part of the order that cannot be filled instantly is canceled. This type is favored by traders looking for rapid execution while avoiding the risk of partial fills.

Fill or Kill (FOK) orders are all about immediacy and completeness. They must be executed in their entirety as soon as they are placed; otherwise, they are entirely canceled. This order type is particularly useful for traders dealing in large volumes who require a full fill and wish to avoid partial executions.

Post Only (PO) orders ensure that a trader always adds liquidity to the market, thus qualifying for maker fees instead of taker fees. These orders do not execute immediately against existing orders, ensuring the trader’s position as a liquidity maker. If a PO order would be matched with existing orders upon placement, it is automatically canceled, thus preserving the maker status.

Efficient Order Execution and Strategic Management on CVEX

Our platform meticulously verifies that each order is sufficiently supported by collateral before execution. This vigilance ensures a seamless trading experience, where traders can effortlessly cancel or adjust orders that await execution. We’re on the brink of enhancing our platform further by introducing Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, broadening the strategic toolkit available to our traders.

Innovating for Advanced Trading Approaches

The future of CVEX shines brightly with the impending rollout of an array of conditional orders. This innovation marks a pivotal step in our journey to revolutionise the DeFi trading landscape. Our unwavering dedication to delivering a comprehensive, intuitive trading platform caters to the vast spectrum of trader aspirations and strategies.


CVEX is committed to empowering traders with various order types and customisable trading configurations. Our platform is crafted with the needs of both burgeoning traders and trading veterans, offering unmatched versatility and control. As we persist in enhancing our platform’s capabilities, CVEX is poised to maintain its leading position in decentralised trading innovation.

We invite you to stay connected for further enhancements, as we continue to elevate the trading experience on CVEX, making it your go-to platform for decentralised trading endeavors.

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