How to Import Your Closed Testnet NFTs?

Crypto Valley Exchange
4 min readMar 14, 2024

For our loyal users, we prepared a special gift of unique NFTs for their achievements. If you are among them, one of four NFTs should have appeared on your crypto wallet in the Arbitrum network:

  1. Influencer Beacon: for crypto influencers who showed their support to our project during the pre-testnet phase;
  2. Unity Forge: for our team members who worked on CVEX testnet;
  3. Zealy Vanguard: for the TOP 100 winners of our 1st Zealy sprint and the TOP 50 winners of the second one;
  4. Alpha Networker: for Alpha-tier affiliates with most invited friends at the snapshot’s time.

Owning this NFT already has its perks and gives you access to the closed Discord community, where you can communicate directly with the CVEX team, popular crypto enthusiasts and other active users on Testnet. However, you may want to see our beautiful NFTs in your portfolio, and there are a couple of ways to do it. Let’s check them!

Option 1: Visit OpenSea

To see your NFTs on OpenSea, go to the platform’s website and connect using your Ethereum wallet:

Then, go to your Profile and search for CVEX’s NFT in your collection.

Potentially, your NFTs can be sent into the “Hidden” section. If so, you may find them here:

To “unhide” it and transfer NFT to the main collection, click three dots on the bottom edge of the NFT and then choose “Unhide”. Voilà!

Option 2: Import NFT to Your Wallet

Prefer having your NFTs right in your wallet for that instant feel-good vibe? While MetaMask doesn’t directly showcase NFTs in the wallet interface (yet!), you can still manage them with a bit of help from third-party platforms that sync up nicely with MetaMask. Here’s a simple way to bring your NFTs home:

1. Add Arbitrum, If You Haven’t

Kick things off by adding the Arbitrum network to your MetaMask. It’s a snap — find “Networks”:

Then, hit “Add Network”:

Now, choose “Add Network Manually”:

and pop in the Arbitrum details. You’re looking for something like this:

2. Let the NFT Come to You

With Arbitrum onboard, use a dApp or platform that plays nice with MetaMask for NFT peeks. Connect your wallet, and follow the prompts to bring your NFT into view.

1. Choose NFTs section:

2. Scroll down, find, and press “Import NFT” button:

3. Now, you need to fill in the Contract Address and Token ID of your NFTs.

NFT Name | Contract Address | Token ID

Unity Forge | 0x04e775b9c4298991b7eD51DE2A866C272c837E9A | 0

Alpha Networker | 0x04e775b9c4298991b7eD51DE2A866C272c837E9A | 1

Zealy Vanguard | 0x04e775b9c4298991b7eD51DE2A866C272c837E9A | 2

Influencer Beacon | 0x04e775b9c4298991b7eD51DE2A866C272c837E9A | 3

There you have it! Now, whether you’re browsing OpenSea or checking your wallet, your CVEX NFT is ready to show off its flair. Enjoy being a part of the exclusive circle and keep your eyes peeled for more perks coming your way!



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